Here you can choose and book the rental option that matches your needs the best. You can park your car and pick up the bikes at a storage located just 5 minute drive from the town center or choose a pick up/ drop off location that is most convenient for your travel plans

With this option you can spend the whole day riding around the town, exploring more remote forest trails and places. Enjoy your day without any rush or worries about your rental time

If you would like to explore the nearby trails and have a more relaxing time in the nature this will be a great option as 3 hours will give you a plenty of time to do a bit of everything

An hour rental will be a good option for those who just want to explore the town and try out the thrills of riding an electric bike




15 EUR

25 EUR

35 EUR

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We're always flexible to meet our customer needs. So if you're interested in family, group rentals, guided tours or just have a question that you couldn't find and answer to just drop us a message and we will be happy to help